Top Docs "Love List"

It's been a long timing coming, but the results of our first-ever Top Docs "Love List" are in. Each pediatrician was nominated by local moms just like you, and the following line up boasts the ones you can't live without. So whether you're a soon-to-be mommy searching for a doc, a busy mama seeking a new care provider, or a friend hoping to provide other moms with tried-and-true recommendations, look no further ... we've got the lowdown on the best kiddie docs in Funky Town.

Dr. A Eric Benzick
Southlake Family Medicine
731 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 100
Southlake, TX 76092
Real Mom quote: "They have a great team of pediatricians. Dr. Benzick is very thorough and very detail oriented. I also love Dr. Erica J. Zwernemann. They are always, always on schedule. Great office management and wonderful staff."

Dr. Walter Halpenny
6401 Harris Parkway, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX 76132
Real Mom quote: "I really feel like he is there for the kids and has their best interest in mind. He likes to rush my questions a little, but I guess that's the same as any other doctor! He is not taking any new patients and apparently has been full for some time. I think that speaks for itself."

Dr. Mark Jones
Fort Worth Pediatrics
1108 South Henderson
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Real Mom quote: Dr. Jones is a young doctor who has young children himself and can relate to today's medicine. His wife breastfed their kids, so any time I had a question about that he was able to answer me personally based on their experiences. I enjoy that his nurses are very helpful and don't act bothered by the first time mom questions; they also never try to rush me."

Dr. Frank McGehee
Cook Children's
1129 6th Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Real Mom quote: "Dr. McGehee came highly recommended and for good reason. He has a handful of children of his own, one with special needs, so he's especially sensitive to special-needs kiddos. He's also exceptionally considerate and respectful of moms who have legitimate, informed concerns about the AAP's vaccination schedule. He has graciously accommodated our request to follow Dr. Sears' alternative vaccination schedule, and he suggested cod liver oil as a natural alternative to synthetic vitamins. He is also constantly informing us of advancements and new pediatric findings."

Rebecca E. Olvera, M.D.
Cook Children's
6210 John Ryan Drive, Suite 104
Fort Worth, TX 76132
817.294.7578 phone
Real Mom quote: Awaiting quote.

Dr. Pierre Robert
Baylor Medical Plaza
1600 W. College, Suite LL60
Grapevine, TX 76051
Real Mom quote: "His office is located in Baylor Grapevine Hospital where I delivered, and we love him!"

Dr. Audrey Rogers
Cook Children's
3200 Riverfront Dr., Suite 103
Ft Worth, TX 76107
Real Mom quote: "I love this family of doctors. ... What makes Dr. Audrey set apart is her information, knowledge, her caring nature and the way she stresses things to you. If you are up all night with the baby, she will tell you flat out why and how to change it. Believe and trust her. I did and I promise my baby and my family are better for it."

Dr. Ben Worsley
Fort Worth Pediatrics
6401 Harris Parkway, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX 76132
Real Mom quote: "He is fabulous. He takes a lot of time to answer all of your silly questions and never feels rushed. He's a young guy with kids of his own, which I appreciate."