Pretty Patterns All In a Row

Two posts in one day? Say it isn't so ... the little one is napping well, so I'm taking utmost advantage of the time. And while he slumbers, I'm loving the findings I've recently stumbled upon.

So now dear reader ... Meet Mae( This sweet Australian shoppe offers fabric wall decals that will brighten the room of any little boy or girl. The premium quality decals are reusable and can be applied to nearly any surface; they also won't damage walls. If I am ever blessed with a little girl ... this may be the first place to earn my patronage.

The Mother Huddle


I recently stumbled across this blog (while the kiddo was peacefully napping, of course) and fell in love. It's a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos of everyday motherhood. So when that newborn falls asleep in your arms, your toddler finally succumbs to shut eye or you convince your hubbie to take the whole brood so you can have a couple hours of calm, pour yourself a cup of coffee, log on and love it too.

Nine Months of Memories


If you're an expecting mum, it may seem like the long-awaited day when you will finally meet your little one is far off. In truth though, it will likely sneak up on you quicker than you might anticipate. And though the unsurpassing joy of holding your tiny tot is indescribable, you will also never again have this time of carrying your precious cargo in utero.

So to help you remember the sweet, and sometimes not-so-sweet, moments that come with pregnancy, PreNexa--the manufacturer of prenatal vitamins boasting plant-based DHA--is offering soon-to-be mommies a free pregnancy journal. Simply log on by clicking here or go to and enter all relevant information. The journal even includes diet tips, exercise ideas and travel suggestions. So order yours today and start moving those hands across the pages, because in no time, your hands will be quite busy with a teeny tiny bundle of joy.

This Christmas, Give the Gift of HOPE


This Christmas season, give the gift of hope to a recipient who needs real help. Fort Worth's Pregnancy Lifeline is a nonprofit, Christian ministry devoted to helping women in crisis pregnancies. The center shares "accurate information about the risks of abortion and the other options of marriage, single parenting and adoption." The ultimate goal of Pregnancy Lifeline is to encourage these women to give life to their unborn child.

But more than simply counseling and advising, Pregnancy Lifeline meets the tangible needs of these women by supplying maternity clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, baby clothing, baby furnishings and more. Lately, the center has been seeing approximately 45 women a day, and each of these women have needs. We heard from the Pregnancy Lifeline executive director today, and though we typically think of women in crisis pregnancies as being young and unwed, the executive director said they've actually had an influx of married women who simply feel they can't afford another baby due to a job loss or tough economic conditions.

So in the spirit of Christmas and in an effort to help meet the needs of Pregnancy Lifeline and the women the center serves, we're collecting gently worn maternity and baby clothing, blankets and stuffed animals, as well as new baby care items (diapers, wipes, formula, etc.).

To give hope to soon-to-be mothers by donating these items, please call us at 817.992.4498 or swing by the center and drop off your donations.

Pregnancy Lifeline
4747 S Hulen St # 103
Fort Worth, TX 76132
(817) 292-6449