Nine Months of Memories


If you're an expecting mum, it may seem like the long-awaited day when you will finally meet your little one is far off. In truth though, it will likely sneak up on you quicker than you might anticipate. And though the unsurpassing joy of holding your tiny tot is indescribable, you will also never again have this time of carrying your precious cargo in utero.

So to help you remember the sweet, and sometimes not-so-sweet, moments that come with pregnancy, PreNexa--the manufacturer of prenatal vitamins boasting plant-based DHA--is offering soon-to-be mommies a free pregnancy journal. Simply log on by clicking here or go to and enter all relevant information. The journal even includes diet tips, exercise ideas and travel suggestions. So order yours today and start moving those hands across the pages, because in no time, your hands will be quite busy with a teeny tiny bundle of joy.

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