Dust Furniture


Want to add a bit of whimsy to your child's bedroom or playroom? Check out these fun pieces from Dust Furniture. Artist, Vincent Thomas Leman creates "abstract traditional furniture." He and his wife, Jessie, launched Dust Furniture and decided to add a witty reminder to people to keep furniture clean, or to have people "dust furniture." 

"Maintaining that art can be both beautiful and functional, Vincent combined his knowledge as a fine woodworker and his engineering skills to create gravity bending furniture with personality, while leaving function fully intact."

Thred up - Swap kids clothes online

ThredUp.com makes it easy to have your own virtual clothes swap and outfit your kids with "new-to-them" clothes for the extra low price of just $5, plus the cost of shipping. Each member can post a box of clothes on the website to be swapped, so you just choose the boxes that you like and pay $5, plus shipping, and it's yours! It's free to join and once you do, the website keeps track of your swaps for you, that way everyone plays fair ... it is a swap, so you have to give and take. Check out thredup.com for full details and have fun swapping!