A Year to Do Good

If you're anything like us, the dawning of the new year likely brings to mind thoughts of resolutions ... whether or not you actually intend to make them, let alone keep them. This year, instead of resolving to shed those ten pounds, finally get your house organized or run that well-intentioned marathon, resolve to simply do good: good for others and good for yourself.

Throughout the year, The Mom's Dish will periodically bring you tips and tidbits designed to help you do just that. So in celebration of New Year's Eve and in anticipation of all that 2009 may hold, here's a tip to get you started.

TOMS Shoes for Tomorrow

In times of economic woe, philanthropic giving can sometimes be a bit difficult to finance. But now you can do good simply by buying a pair of shoes to clad your little ones footies. Purchase a pair of TOMS Shoes, and the company will give one pair to a child in need: One for one. Founded in May 2006, the company has since given more than 10,000 pairs to kiddos in Argentina and more than 50,000 to tots in South Africa. So get shopping now at www.tomsshoes.com.