The WIld Side - FW Zoo

Get the little ones out this summer and let them experience a brush with nature with a Fort Worth Zoo membership. A one-year membership costs $57 for the first adult and $37 for the second. Children (3-17) are $23 for the first child, $18 for the second and $15 for each additional kiddo (toddlers 2 and under are free). With regular admission running $10.50 for adults and $8 for children plus $5 to park, a year-long membership will pay for itself in a few visits. During the month of June, Zoo Members can beat the heat and the crowds by getting in an hour early (9 am). And with a year-long membership, you can graciously usher the kids out at any time if the heat gets stifling or the crowds unbearable with a promise to return again in a few days. It's alfresco entertainment for the little ones and a little exercise for us!
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