Tech-Savvy Mama

For all you tech-savvy mamas who love posting pics of your little ones online, check out the PictoBrowser from the photo-sharing web site Flickr ( This tool allows users to create a gallery that can then be shared on your personal web site or blog. We love that it's interactive and presented in a graphically appealing format.

To create your own PictoBrowser gallery, create an account at Flickr, then simply upload your images and save the images you want to post as a "Set." Then click on the Link that says "PictoBrowser" in the bottom right hand corner of any PictoBrowser gallery. We've posted a gallery below, so you can simply click on the link here. A pop-up window will appear requesting your Flickr username. Enter the info, then select the "Set" you want to post. You can then copy and paste the HTML code into your blog or web site.

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