Green Your Diaper Routine

Whether you're the ultimate green maverick or simply a mom who's concerned about providing the healthiest environment for your little one, taking small steps to a greener diaper routine is something we can all cheer. That's why we love the concept of homemade baby wipes (because let's be honest, though it's noble, the thought of replacing disposable diapers with cloth is a bit overwhelming).

To make your own at-home wipe solution, follow this recipe, excerpted from Green Baby by Susanna Marriott. Simply spritz this cleansing lotion onto paper towels or washable cloths, and you have a green alternative to the chemical-laden mass-manufactured wipes.

1) Pour boiling water into a teapot containing two chamomile tea bags. Let the tea steep for 15 minutes.
2) Combine 1 tbsp hemp oil with 1 cup of the warm tea. If baby is older than 1 year, add 1 tbsp pasteurized clear honey and whisk well to combine.
3) Fill a reusable spray bottle (glass is best) with the solution and shake well. Use immediately, or once completely cooled, store in the refrigerator.
4) At diaper change time, spray the solution onto the cloth or paper towel then use as you would a store-bought wipe. Make a new batch every few days and keep refrigerated.

You can also find two additional homemade wipes recipe by visiting:
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