If you're anything like us, you've probably discovered that the role of motherhood leaves you with little time for leisure web surfing. When the little one(s) go down for a nap, you're lucky to get 20 minutes to check e mail and click a few sites before tending to a host of other duties that can only be accomplished sans children. So to help maximize your online browsing/shopping, check out MomFinds. Founded by Michelle Madhok--the style columnist for and a contributing editor for MSN Shopping, Cotton Incorporated and the American Heart Association--this savvy site searches the Internet to find the best deals for in-the-know, hip moms. MomFinds then sends their findings in a weekly e newsletter to thousands of readers in the US and abroad. When available, they also send valuable, money-saving coupons. Visit the site today to sign up for the weekly newsletter and turn your scant Internet time into a productive online shopping jaunt.
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