Finally ... A Multitasking Baby Carrier

I must admit, I cannot take credit for this find. I discovered it while reading a post by Esther over at Babyccino Kids--they're listed in our surfing links, and it's a super-fun site from mums across the big pond. This product was so fabulous though, that I had to make mention of it.

The organic ERGObaby carrier is perhaps the most versatile baby carrier I've yet to see. My husband and I toted our little one around in a sling (OK, he never wore the sling ... just me) and a Baby Bjorn. We loved the Bjorn, but our little one outgrew it quickly, and it was often inconvenient because it couldn't be used as a back carrier (try walking a mile out to a lighthouse on giant granite rocks with a baby carrier in front that makes it nearly impossible to see your next step). The ERGObaby carrier eliminates all those frustrations! The carrier can transition from front to hip to back carrier. It fits frames from five feet all the way up to six feet, five inches, and it is recommended for children up to 40 pounds (it has been tested all the way up 90 pounds, but I don't know a soul who would lug around a 90-pound child). Infant inserts are also available, which means you can happily tote your little one from birth until a few years old.

The organic cotton is certified 100 percent organic and is available in eight colors. Standard non-organic carriers are also available, but we think the softness of organic cotton is incomparable.

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