Haiti Relief


Today's entry isn't a typical Mom's Dish post, but if you're anything like us, you have Haiti on your mind. As I sat and watched a quick newscast today, I saw a woman who had lost four of her five children in the earthquake. She then lost her fifth child at the hospital. I sat and cried for her. I can't imagine the unspeakable pain of such searing loss. Pray for those in Haiti, especially the parents who now have to move on after the loss of a child or children.

And if your circumstances allow, give to a reputable relief organization. My husband and I have been partnering with the child-sponsorship organization, Compassion, for several years now. They make a significant, tangible difference in the lives of poverty-stricken children all over the globe. The organization, which has many church-based child-development centers in Haiti, has set up a relief fund for Haitian children and families. To donate to the relief fund, click here, or visit www.compassion.com and click on one of the many Haiti relief tabs. All funds will go directly to the aid of Haitian victims.
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