An All-Natural Clean

For a while now, our household has been making a slow transition to an all-natural, chemical free lifestyle. We've been slowly adding more organic produce into our diets, and over the past several months, we've almost completely rid our pantry of soda and food items that contain added artificial ingredients. We still have a long way to go, but we're making substantial progress. Soon we'll be joining an organic co-op so we can increase our availability of local, organically grown produce (for information on the co-op in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, click here).

But most recently, we've been working on switching our cleaning routine to a green alternative. I'm still experimenting with some homemade all-natural household cleaners, and will post on some of the recipes soon. But when I say cleaning routine, I also mean our own personal hygiene routines, and we've started using two soaps and a lotion that I must say I love.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps is a line of all-natural, pure, vegetable-based soaps using certified organic products. The liquid form can be diluted for use as a hand soap, cleaning throughout the house or even as a laundry detergent. Just a couple drops of the full-strength soap in the shower works as a wonderful body cleanser, and the baby-mild version is safe for even the most sensitive skins. It's even gentle enough to use as a face cleanser (just don't get it in your eyes ... it will sting).

Grandpa's Pine Tar soap is also an all-natural vegetable-based soap, only this has the added benefit of pine tar. I'll be honest, I don't know the benefits of pine tar, but I will say it's worked miracles for me. Being pregnant with my second, I've recently developed a pregnancy-related rash, and this soap has worked wonders in reducing the itching and the redness.

California Baby has a stellar product line up for both babies and adults. I discovered this when my two-year was a newborn, and we've been purchasing their products ever since. Founded by a mom, these fantastic products use only all-natural ingredients, using organic where it's available. And their Calming Botanical Moisturizing Cream has become a staple in our house. When my son had a slight touch of eczema that even a topical steroid couldn't affect, this stuff had cleared him up in a couple days. It also works wonders for cradle cap. I'm currently using it as the second step in my rash-fighting arsenal. The delightful aromatics are quite soothing as well. Just a sniff of this stuff will have you hooked!

Have you switched to an all-natural hygiene routine? Are you concerned about parabens, sulfates and carcinogens in personal hygiene products? What all-natural products can't you live without?
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