Inspiring Finds

I think I'm on a crafting high ... I love all the incredibly talented treasure troves I've been discovering lately. Now if only I could find the time to actually make some of these. Since I've spent the past couple days blogging about specific boy and girl clothing, I wanted to spend a little time devoted to a variety of super-cute kiddo/mommy items that I'm putting on my to-do list. Maybe some of you will have a completed project in hand before yours truly!

Love these scavenger hunt cards from Saltwater Kids. Make your own by following the tutorial here. These would be fabulous for a playdate or a Saturday out with the family. Photo credit: Saltwater Kids.

These adorable frogs from The Purl Bee are irresistible! They may be finding their way into a shower gift soon. Photo credit: The Purl Bee.

These chocolate chip cookies from Intimate Weddings look almost too delightful to eat. Whip up a batch and then slide them into this custom wrapper to give to teachers, party favors or shower guests. Snag the recipe and wrapper tutorial here. Photo credit: Intimate Weddings.

This glass bubble chandelier by Small Notebook would be quite the arresting addition to a nursery. Click here to do it yourself. Photo credit: Small Notebook.

Serve these cupcakes up at a play date, then give the sweet recipe cards to moms as favor. Or make a batch for your kiddo's soccer team, teacher or church nursery worker; package with cellophane and a ribbon and affix the recipe card to the top. Photo and recipe/recipe card by Perfectbound. Head over to Creature Comforts for the info and printable template.

For an extra-special touch in your little one's room, fashion a personalized bunting and hang it over their bed. Adorn it with their name, initials, the alphabet or anything else that might strike their fancy. For instructions, click here. Photo and tutorial by Little Paper Dog.

And have you discovered NonPareil Magazine? Yes, it's a wedding magazine ... but this e-zine is so chock-full of beautiful imagery and inspiring design ideas, that it can't help but lure you in. Plus, they have loads of free, printable DIY projects and tutorials, many of which can be used for a bevy of events/applications outside of weddings. Check this out and prepare to get those creative juices flowing! Photo credits: NonPareil.

These free, printable apple card templates by Creature Comforts are perfect for jotting a message of appreciation to your kids' teacher or writing a note to your tot and slipping it into their lunchbox. Get the tutorial here. Photo credit: Creature Comforts.

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